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Portal favorites with different layout set per different user/group


I have two layout set for two type of users: admin and standard. When I add a folder link to portal fovorites, and I select it, a popup window has displayed with a standard layout set. I need to display different layout set favorites per user/group/roles. How can I do it.



Fabio Sambugaro

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2 Answers

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    Sep 04, 2008 at 07:47 AM

    Hi Sascha,

    I create two new navigation iview with the layout set zConsumerExplorer_01 and _02. I Set the iview in two different framework/Portal desktop. But now I have another problem.

    In the ivew I set the following:

    - Layout Set = zConsumerExplorer_01

    - Layout Set for Root Collection = zConsumerExplorer_04

    - Layout Set Mode = exclusive

    - Path to Initially Displayed Folder = /alias/userhome/<>/favorites

    - Path to Root Folder for Navigation = /alias/userhome/<>/favorites

    Two different Layout Set. When iview is displayed I see at root level the zConsumerExplorer_01 and not the zConsumerExplorer_04l. Why? I would see the /alias/userhome/<>/favorites with Layout set zConsumerExplorer_04 and subfolder object with zConsumerExplorer_01. Example:

    Portal Favorites:

    Sales Office(Folder link) Layout Set: zConsumerExplorer_04

    |_File1.txt zConsumerExplorer_01

    |_File2.txt zConsumerExplorer_01



    Fabio Sambugaro

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    • Former Member


      Did you check, that there are no presentation settings on folder level?

      Try using

      Layout Set Mode = force

      This should enforce using the iView properties despite folder settings.

      Also be aware that the preview sometimes is not working correctly. Test it by navigating to the iViews.

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    Former Member
    Sep 03, 2008 at 06:32 PM

    1. From where do you add the portal favorite? If it is from inside a KM iView:

    2. for this iView there is a LayoutSet used. In this LayoutSet somewhere deep inside there is a command used. Probaly it is the "create_favorite" command. You find it in the configuration iView at

    Content Management > User Interface > Commands > UI Commands with Selection

    This command uses another LayoutSet when the popup comes up, this is probably the LayoutSet you talk about.

    3. Now if you want to have two different Layouts depending on the role of the user, you can

    A) copy the "create_favorite" command to "cr_fav_admin" and "cr_fav_enduser". Now you can edit those new command and enter in the parameter "Roles with visibility" the role for which each one shoudl be available, e.g. into "cr_fav_admin" enter "AdminRole" and in "cr_fav_enduser" enter "EnduserRole". Now Edit the original LayoutSet used in the iView at step 1. In this LayoutSet you remove the used standard command and enter both new command. -> Users with only the AdminRole will see onle the cr_fav_admin command. Users with only the Role EndUserRole will see only the "cr_fav_enduser command. Users with both roles will see both commands. Now edit the commands and specify the different layoutsets the should use in the popup by referencing those layout sets at parameter "Layout Set".

    B) You could also build different portal roles with different iViews inside. Those iViews using differente layout sets with the different commands with the different layout set. In this case you do not need to maintain the "Roles with visibility" parameter of the commands. The two portal roles only need the one special KM iView and you can merge with existing roles using merge IDs.

    I guess that should work.

    By the way always try not to change the standard delivered object where possible. Always create your own config objects if you need changes.



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