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Oct 31, 2016 at 12:09 PM

How to restore Light_Optimize process chain in production in BPC NW 10.1 (classic)



For some very strange reason, /CPMB/Light_Optimize process chain disappeared in the production system. It cause scheduled light_optimization data manager package to fail.

1. On BW side. /CPMB/Light_Optimize process chain is not on the list in RSPC. When looking at SE16 --> RSPCCHAIN, there is only D version of /CPMB/LIGHT_OPTIMIZE chain exists. Unlike other standard BPC chains, they all have A and M version together with D version.

2. Have attempted to transport this chain up to Production. But did not make any difference.

3. As it is a production system, not sure what other options that we could have to get this chain back, build one from scratch?

Wondering if anyone has experienced something similar before? Or any thoughts on this?

Many thanks