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Exception messages

hi guys

now iam in support project ,

anybody could expalin in detail abut these expecetion messages

reschedule in ,reschedule out ,start in past ,cancel the process,procees according to schedule

how should i respond to these exception messages,

best answers will be rewarded

thanx in adnance

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4 Answers

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    Sep 02, 2008 at 06:47 AM

    15 is Postpond process not cancel process

    dont put deletion flag for that order just reshedule in CO02



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    Sep 01, 2008 at 08:10 PM


    please note that exception message help is available as below

    Exception messages depend on the transaction being carried out and are meant to inform you of an important or critical event (for example, start date lies in the past, safety stock has been exceeded).

    By means of the exception messages, you can easily sort out any materials that you need to reprocess manually. Special search and selection functions are available for this in the evaluations for MRP.

    Process Flow

    During the planning run, the system recognizes exceptional situations where you usually have to manually reprocess the planning result and it records these situations as exception messages. The system displays the exception messages in the evaluations for MRP.

    Exception messages refer to an individual MRP element. If several exception messages occur for one MRP element, the most important ones are stored.

    An important group of the exception messages mentioned above are the rescheduling proposals. In the net requirements calculation, the system checks whether warehouse stock or firmed receipts are available in sufficient quantity to cover requirements. If a material shortage exists, the system usually creates a new procurement proposal. The rescheduling check is used to change the dates of already existing firmed receipts not planned on the same day as the requirement to suit the requirement date. For this purpose, the system displays the appropriate exception messages with rescheduling proposals for these firmed receipts to be processed by the MRP controller.

    You have defined the rescheduling parameters in Customizing for MRP:

    u2022 per plant in the IMG activity Carry out overall maintenance of plant parameters

    u2022 per MRP group in the IMG activity Carry out overall maintenance of MRP groups.

    The rescheduling horizon, which defines the period for bringing forward the receipts, and the receipt elements, which should be taken into account in rescheduling, are included in these.

    You can also define tolerance values for the creation of exception messages, in Customizing. These values define a time period in which no exception message is to be created, despite the fact that a rescheduling proposal may exist. The MRP controller can thus avoid a situation where too many exception messages are created if a certain buffer has already been planned for scheduling basis dates.

    u2022 Bring process forward (reschedule in)

    Within this rescheduling horizon, the net requirements calculation checks whether, after a requirement, a firmed receipt exists, which can be used to cover this requirement. Then the system displays a rescheduling date as well as the exception message Bring process forward for this receipt. The net requirements calculation then uses this receipt and the system will only create another procurement proposal if the receipt quantity is not sufficient to cover the complete requirement. Several firmed receipts can be used to cover one requirement.

    The rescheduling horizon is always calculated from the MRP date.

    u2022 Postpone process (reschedule out), or cancel process

    The net requirements calculation checks over the complete time axis whether availability could still be guaranteed without the receipt in question. If this is the case, the system checks whether the receipt planned here could be used to cover a future requirement. If the system can find such a requirement, it then displays a rescheduling date as well as the exception message Postpone process for this receipt.

    If the system finds no future requirement, for which the receipt is required, the system displays the exception message Cancel process.

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    Sep 02, 2008 at 05:23 AM


    Exception messages are highlighted in the evaluation so that the MRP controller can recognize exceptional situations immediately.

    To display the long text for an exception message, choose Add data for element and then exception info.

    All exception messages for a material can be indicated as processed. In this case, the MRP list is flagged with the processing indicator. The system then checks whether the exception message has already appeared for the same MRP element in the next planning run and these elements are automatically flagged as processed.

    Using the Find function (choose Edit --> Find), you can instruct the system to display a list of the exception messages that are contained in the current MRP list. You also see how often one particular exception message appears in this evaluation.

    In this list, you can select which exception messages are to be highlighted. Thus, you can select, for example, the exception messages that have a high priority for processing purposes. It is also possible to select only processed or unprocessed exception messages in the MRP list. Processed exception messages are those that occurred in previous planning runs for the MRP element and the unprocessed ones are those that were newly created in the last planning run.

    Using the find function, you can jump from one highlighted exception message to another. If, in the find function, you have defined that only specific exceptions are to be displayed, the system will jump to these messages and ignore the others.

    In the collective display of the MRP list, the MRP controller can make selections using the selection criterion, only unprocessed exception messages. The system then only displays the materials which received new, unprocessed exception messages in the last planning run.

    Go to the link from which this material is taken. you can find some more usefull thing.

    Following exeption message are there in ECC6

    01 Newly created

    02 New, and opening date in the past

    03 New, and start date in the past

    04 New, and finish date in the past

    05 Opening date in the past

    06 Start date in the past

    07 Finish date in the past

    10 Bring process forward

    15 Postpone process

    20 Cancel process

    25 Excess stock

    26 Shortage in individual segment

    30 Plan process according to schedule

    40 Coverage not provided by master plan

    42 Order proposal has been changed

    44 Order proposal re-exploded

    46 Order proposal has been manually changed

    50 No BOM exists

    52 No BOM selected

    53 No BOM explosion due to missing config.

    54 No valid run schedule

    55 Phantom assembly not exploded

    56 No requirements coverage

    57 Disc. matl partly replaced by follow-up

    58 Uncovered reqmt after effective-out date

    59 Receipt after effective-out date

    61 Scheduling: Customizing inconsistent

    62 Scheduling: Master data inconsistent

    63 Production start before order start

    64 Production finish after order finish

    69 Recursive BOM components possible

    70 Max. release qty - quota exceeded

    80 Reference to retail promotion

    82 Item is blocked

    96 Stock fallen below safety stock level

    98 Abnormal end of requirements planning



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  • Sep 02, 2008 at 05:51 AM


    Exception Messages

    Exception messages are generated during the planning run when a

    situation needs to be checked by the MRP controller. In these cases, the

    planning results usually need to be reprocessed manually.

    In the MRP list, which reflects the result of the last planning run,

    more exception messages are set as the net requirements calculation is

    carried out automatically.

    Go through below Path,

    SPRO ---> Production ---> Material Requirement Planning ---> Evaluation ---> Exception Massages ---> Define and Group Exception Massages.



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    • Former Member

      I know how to configure the exception messages,

      I got message that cancel process (15)

      How should I respond manually to this Planed /production

      Should I set deletion flag for order?

      Or else shall I do rescheduling in CO01/co01