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Sep 01, 2008 at 03:56 PM

Including Actual Agent and Rule Result Agents in Task Texts


Hi experts,

I have a very simple workflow with one step.

This task is a 'General Task' i.e. anyone can execute it but it uses a rule to determine who the agents are for the task. The rule resolves a list of users assigned to a Work Centre. The rule resolution is working correctly and the correct users are receiving the work item.

However, I have used the 'Latest Start' and 'Latest End' deadlines to send a message to a central administrator informing them that the task has passed its deadline.

In these messages I have defined the Texts in the Task - 'Latest Start text' and 'Latest end text'.

Within these texts I wish to show who was sent the item, i.e the users resolved by the rule and who (if) has actually processed the work item, but not completed it.

My Text looks like this:

The Applications outstanding for Department
the list hasn't been marked processed as yet. Please chase the people
who it was sent to.

The recipient was:

Possible recipients:

Note: I used the 'Insert, Expression' and selected the attributes from the 'Select Expression' popup.

When adding the expression for the rule result agents, I specified the option 'All lines with line break'.

However, when the deadline is reached and the message sent to the central administrator, these fields are blank. It is as if the work item does not have values for actual agent and rule result agents.

Any tips on how to embed these values into my text dynamically within the task.