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Sep 01, 2008 at 09:11 AM

VBOF and VB(7 transaction



I need to understand VB(7 transaction. Right now, I am doing the following steps.

1.Create Sales Order VA01.

2.Execute VKM3 and release the document

3.Create Delivery u2013 VL01N

4.Post Goods Issue

5.Create Billing Document VF01 for the Goods issue posted.

6.Run VBOF transaction.

After step 6, I need to run VB(7 transaction and generate credit memos.But I do not know what input should I be giving in VBOF so that I can see my document.

Right now I am entering-Rebate Recipient,Validity end date before,Organizational data,Processing as "drill down".I have entered the Default data section also.I tried with different options in Control. Still I cant see my document.

Can anybody help me with this VBOF transaction?