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Update texts on Fiori Elements Object Page after changing field value

Mar 28 at 10:53 AM


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I have created a Fiori Elements List Report app around an annotated CDS view. This view contains associations to other (SAP standard) CDS views to give texts/descriptions for the 'codes' entered and value help for those fields.

When I go into Edit mode on the object page, change the 'code' value in a field and Save, the text against that field does not change, but remains the text for the previous code. Only when I navigate back to the List page does the OData service get queried again and the texts updated.

I realise that standard OData for an Update request is just to send back a 204 (No Content) to confirm that the update has been accepted. I can't help thinking that the app should automatically be issuing a Read for the changed object so that the association (text) data is up-to-date.

Is there a way of 'asking' the app to re-Read the entity from the Object page after an edit has taken place (preferably via annotations or BOPF changes rather than an extension in the app)?



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