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Sep 01, 2008 at 07:08 AM

Job Work Process



I need a solution for the job work process the company undertakes. The process is as follows:

a. Goods receipt from customer

b. The customer goods is sub-contracted to another vendor for a process

c. The goods are received and subsequent process is done within the company.

Currently, the process is set up as:

a. The process has been set up as a MTO process.

b. The sale order item category holds the item type as Ä value item.

The system works fine if manufacturing is only done on the customer items and single shipment is done.

We need to address the following scenario:

a. Unable to raise a sub-contracting purchase order as the system says it cannot post to the GL account and the system says it is a control account. SAP in its best practice suggests that direct posting to consumption accounts should not be enabled.

b. The other aspect that happens is that multiple deliveries against the sales order is not possible. In the first reference itself, the delivery status in the sale order gets set to complete (even if PGI is not done).

How can this problem be addressed or how is this handled in the industry.

While doing sub-contracting or internal production, the cost should not flow to the material. In the above scenario all costs including sub-contracting charges, production activity charges get booked to the sales order and not to be material.

FYI, customer material is UNBW and all other stages is HALB.