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EPM giving automation error after upgrade

Mar 27 at 02:27 PM


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We went live with Upgrade (From BW 7.4 to 7.5 and EPM to AO Version 2.5.1) and we are having VB error: Automation Error Invalid Pointer wherever we are using FPXML commands in VB as shown below

Dim Save as New FPXMLClient.EPMAddInAutomation

Save.SetSheetOption "",1,False

The Odd part is, it is giving this error only for one user of all and this one user is the one who used the PC in the past with earlier version of EPM. Naturally we felt that some cache is the problem and deleted EPM Cache in below folders

1.  Delete the metadata cache for the EPM Add-in to have it regenerate this information upon the next logon.

2. Delete the EPMXLClientPreference.XML

3.  Delete the Connections.xml file associated to the user account.

And still we get this VB error only for one user.

We reviewed notes: 1767781 and 1931195 and understand SAP recommendation here. However please note that existing layouts are working fine for all users except for one who used the PC in the past.

OS: 64 bit Windows 7 or 10

Office 2013

EPM from AO 2.5.201

Anyone faced the same issue and resolved it?

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3 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Mar 27 at 02:52 PM

Use late binding instead of References selection: read my answer here

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Sivaram Bandaru Mar 27 at 03:57 PM

Yes, we tried that option and that works. But that means lot of changes and in all our lower clients in testing the existing code works. We have been using EPM version 25 from past two years and we had not problem.

Even now after upgrade only a selected few are getting this VB error. And even for these selected few, it is an issue if they login with the same computer as in the past.

Changing VB code on all layouts is a huge task and am sure we are bound to face more challenges in upgrading the VB code that calls package from Excel.


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Unfortunately there is no other solution. The library location was changed.

Sivaram Bandaru Mar 28 at 01:10 PM

Just so others know, after upgrade to AO, FPXML is located in Program files (86) folder on 64 bit and Program files on 32 bit OS.

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