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Generated Powerdesigner model loses connection with repository

Mar 28 at 10:13 AM


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We use Powerdesigner Data Architect to build our models.

From the manually entered Conceptual model a Logical Model is generated, and after that a Physical Model is generated. In this physical model, mappings are created via the mapping editor, to another physical model.

Then, a new physical model is generated from this first physical model. During this generation, custom transformations are applied to the resulting model.

The problem is that after re-generating the physical models, they cannot be checked in anymore in the repository. When they were created for the first time, they could be checked in. One way or another, PowerDesigner sees the local regenerated model as another model than the checked in model. The only way to get them checked in is:

1. close the model

2. then check in

3. PowerDesigner then says "There is already a model with this name. Do you want to update this model"?

4. Choose Yes and the model will be checked in, but only for this time, after the next generation the problem returns.

What is going wrong and how can this be solved?


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3 Answers

George McGeachie Mar 28 at 03:11 PM

Sounds like a bug that you should raise with SAP ASAP

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Apr 03 at 03:16 PM

What specific build of PowerDesigner are you using?

From your description, when do you first engage the repository?

CDM_1 generates a LDM_1

LDM_1 generates a PDM_1

PDM_1 used to create mappings with another PDM (source unknown)

PDM_1 generates a new PDM_2 (custom transformations applied during generation)

At this point, no mention has been made regarding the repository.

Which model(s) is being checked into the repository? What options are selected during the Check-IN process?

If the starting models were previously checked into the repository, were the ever Check-out the model after Check In? If not, then the local copies of the models are not repository aware (do not contain the repository metadata). This would explain the message you describe in step 3.

If yes, then what custom transformations are applied? Could your transformations be introducing an issue?

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Former Member Apr 11 at 10:56 AM

Well, I apparently must do my homework first, since my problem is not instantly recognized. I come back to this issue.

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