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Error : Could not determine the country of physical location : GTS / TM Integration

Mar 27 at 11:00 AM


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Hello all, I am integrating freight orders created in SAP TM with SAP GTS for SPL Screening / Embargo checks.

I have done:

  • The basic configuration in SAP TM / GTS and the web service in SAP PI
  • Mapping of the business partner of the purchase organization in mapped to FTO in GTS
  • All other partners in the freight order already exist in GTS

I observe:

  • Freight Order created in TM is replicated correctly to the SAP PI layer
  • In transaction SXI_MONITOR on GTS system, the message is marked "Processed" without error (that means the integration layer has done the job well).
  • Following error in the SLG1 application log (see details in the attached file):

"Could not determine the country of the physical location."

  • The document reference (in the attached picture), 200000040 is not created in /SAPSLL/CUHD table in GTS. Question : Is there a separate table for CMPL01 (SPL / Embargo relevant document)?

Any hints to investigate further. Thanks in advance.

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attached the file with output of SLG1

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2 Answers

Derek Yang
Mar 28 at 05:44 AM

Hello Grover,

The error basically says the system is unable to find the physical country, this info is determined using the plant information you passed from the feeder. Please check if the plant to legal unit is mapped correctly in GTS.


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Dear Derek, thanks a lot for taking out time to respond.

I looked at the details you shared. The case which I am trying is for Trade Compliance. My understanding (based on the TM-GTS integration guide), the plant code mapping is needed for Customs Declaration case. For Trade Compliance, only FTO mapping should be maintained. Which I have done.

Another thing, which I notice is : the error is logged in SLG1 along with the GTS document number. However, in table /SAPSLL/CUHD, there is not record of that document. Maybe the GTS internal document number was allocated, but it was not actually created.

Looking forward to your support further. Thanks once again.


Hello Grover,

The plant to legal unit mapping must be configured, GTS needs to know the country from which the goods is shipped from, this is determined using the plant in each line item. It is essential for both trade compliance and customs management. I think you could also go to transaction /SAPSLL/CUHD_IC_EXP to find the document, since this is technically incomplete document.

I am not sure which field you are using for searching, the log indicates the GTS document is already generated, the number is 200000040, with year 2018. If you want to search the original TM reference document, you should look at table /SAPSLL/CORREF.

Hope this helps.




Derek, the plant to LU mapping exists.

FYI, the documents from ERP (sales order / purchase order / inbound delivery / outbound delivery) are very well received in GTS system and are controlled for SPL and Embargo correctly.

The concern which I have is only for the document received from TM. The TM document is not getting created in GTS system even though the number is shown in the log. I checked in technically incomplete documents and in /SAPSLL/CORREF table.

I looked at the XML file which comes to GTS system, has a node for "ResponsibleOrganisationID", which is mapped to FTO under Partner Role "O". It doesn't have a node for plant code.

Thanks a lot Derek, we are having a good conversation. It helps a lot.


Hello Grover,

That's actually abnormal. Can you please search for ST22 to find if there is any dump relevant for the transaction?




Derek, I checked ST22, no dumps in that.

Anyway, I have raised an incident to SAP for support. Meanwhile I am trying some jiggling in the config / data to make it work.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Nishant Grover Apr 20 at 03:52 AM

Quick update on this topic:

  • SAP gave a note (2632063) to implement for TM side correction. After the application of note, the error "Could not determine the country of the physical location" is no more reported in application log (SLG1).
  • But, the document is still not created in GTS. Surprising part (at least for me) is : document number for the TM document is generated (as per the numbering range of doc type CMPL01) and shown in application log (SLG1), but no record created in /SAPSLL/CUHD table
  • I have shared this observation to SAP

Any hints further from anyone...

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Further update : Applied the Note 2491020. Now, the document is created in GTS system. I can see that the document reference in /SAPSLL/CUHD table. We're almost there.

But, the document is not visible from the standard transaction, "Display Existing Documents".

Any hints on this please...


Hello Nishant,

Please can you give it a try using Tcode: /SAPSLL/SPL_CUHD ?




Dear Derek, I tried with all the variations of the "Display Existing Documents", including : /SAPSLL/SPL_CUHD.


If I use Document Type search criteria (= "CMPL01") and / or other criteria : I get the required document records

If I don't give the Document Type criteria, irrespective of any other criteria (including Document Number) : no data

That means, I have a workaround solution to move forward. It may be a bug (or feature) in the "Display Document" transactions to not to consider all document types unless explicitly mentioned.



Now that the problem which I reported is solved, I am marking this topic as closed. In summary:

  • Country of physical location was not sent from TM (SAP Note: 2632063)
  • TM Document was not created in SAP GTS (SAP Note: 2491020)
  • TM Document was not shown in the "Display Documents" transactions (SAP Note : 2635557)

Thanks a lot Derek for your support.