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Aug 30, 2008 at 07:08 AM

ORA-00205 Error in identifying control file


Hello All,

We are currently performing homogenous system copy and the environment were as follows:

SAP: R/3 4.7

OS: Windows 2003 Server

DB: Oracle

The following were the activities that we have performed in below mentioned sequence for the system copy from Target system PRD to Source System DEV

1. DEV system details were collected in transport copies. These details includes user profiles, RFC connections, printer definition, license files, user directories, developer access key and login group.

2.Created control file in the PRD system using command alter database backup controlfile to trace;

3.Changed the value PRD to DEV in the control file and also deleted unwanted lines.

4.The backup from PRD is online backup to the external disk and is copied to the DEV system

5.Copied the log file xxxxxxxx.fnd from PRD system to DEV system and placed it under the folder G:\oracle\DEV\sapbackup. This log file is identified using DB12 transaction code from the source system.

6.The log file is edited and made necessary changes for starting the BR Restore with command Brrestore u2013c force u2013b xxxxxxxx.fnd -m full. Later the restoration completed successfully.

7.Later executed the command show parameter control_files in the source system to identify the location of the control files and placed the control file in the target system (in all the locations that were returned after executing above said command)

8.Then executed the control file by connecting to oracle using command @DEV.sql

But the following error occurs

SQL> @DEV.sql

Oracle instance started.

Total System Global Area 312025000 bytes

Fixed Size 454568 bytes

Variable Size 176160768 bytes

Database Buffers 134217728 bytes

Redo Buffers 1191936 bytes

ORA-00205 : error in identifying controlfile, check alert log for more info

Control file created

As i have searched through SDN and other forums it suggested that we need to copy the control files to all the locations which will be returned when we execute the command show parameter control_files. In my case both in source system and target system the values were same. Hope i have explained the scenario in detail. Is that anything that i am missing or somewhere i am going wrong? Kindly enlighten me.