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SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1- Check Username and Password on refresh

Mar 27 at 10:36 AM


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Hi Experts.

I have created a document using lumira discovery 2.1 via HANA Import using Managed connection.

The document refresh successfully when refreshed through discovery.

But after publishing it to launchpad and refreshing the document from launchpad it gives error "check username and password" although it do not prompt for any username.

Also on scheduling the same document it throws the error "Dataset refresh has failed"

The managed connection created has the setting to use the predefined username password.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Rishabh - which SP of 2.1 are you using? If it is SP0, please update to the latest patch.

When you say it has a predefined password, are you using the CMC? Which version/SP of BI4X are you using?


Hello Tammy,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes we are on 2.1 SP0 , Please suggest if this is known issue in SP0.

We are on SAP BI 4.1 SP8.

By predefined password i mean, while creating OLAP connection we get an option if we want to prompt for password or we define a particular id, there we have it as pre-defined.



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1 Answer

Jawahar Konduru Mar 28 at 01:23 AM

Did you create http connection or JDBC connection? Try with HTTP connection.

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