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Mar 26, 2018 at 07:11 PM

InfoProviders/MultiProviders are missing from Search or Business Area while using Analysis Office


Dear all,

I'm facing some issues when searching for a an InfoProvider - in this case a MultiProvider - with Analysis Office (any version).

My use case is the following:

I using Analysis Office and SAP BW 7.31 and I will like to run some analysis against a specific MultiProvider. But, searching with the Search bar or inside the Business Area hierarchy, I'm not able to find it under any folder.

Here below I will show you some examples:

1. I'm searching the MultiPorvider which is starting wit "ZMH..." as marked with red here below;

2. The InfoArea which is starting with "Hig..." or Sub-InfoArea called here "Sales" are not shown in Analysis Office, "Area" tab.

To be more precise, I'm searching for this MultiProvider Analysis Office but I cannot see any trace of it. Here you can see a part of the Hierarchy, but it cannot be seen under any InfoArea Folder.

I have compared the tow different MultiProviders, one that can be found with Analysis Office, and the one that was presented here, and I cannot observe any difference.

Please note that I have the same issue with several other InfoProviders, not only the one I have shared above.

I've tested to see if I have something similar with BW 7.5 SP10 and with all the environments we have in BW 7.5 everything seems to be okay.

I'll be grateful for any idea you have!

Best Regards,