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Aug 29, 2008 at 12:42 PM

E-recruiting - Customizing external candidate start page with a new start p


Hi ,

I require some inputs from you on creation of new start page for external candidate.

I have a requirement to hide Age / Gender fields in the Personal data tab of the external candidate application wizard in the external candidate start page.

I Created a new start page with I.D "9001" and using customized context i was able to hide the Age and Gender fields. The URL using the customized context looked like below;


The external candidate start page requires the following services assignment to a service user;

hrrcf_apply_ext: Apply with Reference Code (Non Registered Candidate)

hrrcf_cand_reg: External Candidate, Registration

hrrcf_unrg_srch: Non Registered Candidate, Job Search

The service user requires SAP standard role u201CRCF_EXTERNAL_CANDIDATEu201D to provide access to any external candidate to do a job search and register. This role in standard would have application object u201C0002u201D u2013 Standard external candidate start page I.D which would provide access to the start page.

We have cloned the role to include the customized application object u201C9001u201D and have assigned it to the service user.

But even after doing this i get an error message when trying to execute the URL in IE which reads "You do not have the required authorisation to use this start page"

Iam not sure if iam missing anything on the authorisation part. Please advise.


G Raj