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Aug 29, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Delta extraction of modified data in already closed periods


Hi everyone,

we're currently facing a scenario where data in BI does not seem to match R/3. We're using the business content extractors 0ec_pca_3 & 0ec_pca_4 to get data for a balance sheet report, but some of the figures don't match. The client currently uses periods 001 - 013, in other words they have one special period. After much investigation and discussions with the users, we found out that the client sometimes goes back and makes changes to periods that have already been closed. For instance, period 013.2007 is closed in R/3 (and loaded to BI), at some point in 2008 the client "reopens" the period and modifies the data. This data does not seem to be picked up by the BI delta extractor. So our theory is that the two systems don't balance because of this late period modification. My questions are:

Is it part of standard SAP FI process to re-open an already closed period and add/change/delete data?

If so, would this changes be picked up by the standard delta extraction? If not why and is there anything we can do to achieve this?

If not part of standard process, what would the solution be? We've suggested to potentially create a separate period, say period 014, for these changes? Would this be a recommended way forward?

Thanks for your time.