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Aug 29, 2008 at 02:34 AM

Not able to connect CMC or Infoview using Administrator


Hi, I have a unique problem. We have a sand box (in other department) where we had either administrator as userid or userid of previous contractor. We do have two other userid which we were told that has access to CMC. I am suppose to support that system to give access to new developer. I can login into Universe and Deski using Administrator userid and blank password or using those two other userids but I can not login into Administrator LaunchPad or infoview page by either. I am getting error message Unauthorized for all userids.

This is BO XI rel 2.0 with MySQL and Java Installation. I could login into MySQL directly.

On the other servers the admin launchpad is havinglink for Infoview and CMC on same page and there are other links at the left hand side but in this whenever I click on link


then a pop-up window appears. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if other person did something.

Thinking that I am using wrong links I tried various links butin vain.

Please help..