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ST_GEOMETRY: XML truncated

Mar 27 at 11:16 AM


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When I upload an ESRI shape file to HANA a table is generated where the shape-field has type ST_GEOMETRY. When I do a data preview of the table the contents of this field is shown as some xml with doctype SVG. Double-clicking that field shows you a dialog with two registers: MAP and XML.

Usually in MAP you see the shape of the geometry if this is a polygon. This does not work in my current system. A closer look at the XML tab shows that the XML does not close either. The string of numbers describing the edges of the polygon suddenly stops.

I tried to upload several times, also shape files which work pretty well in other HANA systems. This HANA system is an HXE 2.0 SP02. It seems as if the length of ST_GEOMETRY is limited.



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2 Answers

Ingo Peter
Mar 28 at 08:47 AM

Update: Shape data seem to be complete because

select shape.st_assvg() from <table> 

shows a complete XML which can also be viewed as a shape. So the issue seems to be a viewing issue of the data preview.

Rgs, Ingo

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Witalij Rudnicki
Jun 29 at 12:59 PM

What IDE do you use for preview? E.g. in HANA Studio you need to change in Preferences --> SAP HANA --> Runtime --> Results --> Limit for LOB Columns and Limit for Zoom.

Plus you need to be aware that rendering geometries with huge number of points can take really long time, or not return results at all.

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Hi Witalij,

I used SAP HANA Studio 2 with the most recent patch (Revision 231.00 for SAP HANA STUDIO 2). I set the preferences as suggested, however the effect is still the same: The XML is truncated and ergo no shape can be shown.

Thx, Ingo