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STO delivery creation based on supplying plant sloc

Mar 27 at 10:29 AM


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Hi Everyone,

We have a requirement, we need to create delivery using VL10D and the challenge we are facing is, we need to setup a batch job which creates STO only for a particular supplying plant and issuing storage location.

I do not see any field for supplying/ issuing sloc in the VL10D. Can you please advise how do we achieve this.

Due to this, system would create delivery for all issuing slocs in the supplying plant

Is it possible to to do auto picking and auto PGI, we do not have any warehouse assigned to this plant and item category is also relevant for picking. How do we do the auto picking and auto PGI without any code change is it possible?

Please suggest here.

Thanks In advance

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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 27 at 01:40 PM

the deliveries for stock transfers are selected based on records in table VETVG

VETVG does not have a storage location

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Do you mean we cannot just create a batchjob which only creates delivery for supplying Plant(FRXX) and issuing sloc (LXXX) by standard config settings.?

Ashutosh Mishra

Before one is going to plan an automation the process should work online manually without any problems.

How do you do it in foreground manually? If a user interaction is needed to select certain documents among many then it is not going to work this way in background.


No, its a new process and we are not doing it manually as of now. We are just planning if its possible to automate the process.

STO from plant DE06 SLOC L001 to DEXX L0XX. Only from L001 and no other slocs should be considered in VL10D.

All deliveries created with Vl10d should have supplying plant DE06 and sloc as l001. system should not create delivery for any other issuing slocs in de06

Jürgen L
Mar 28 at 09:32 AM

See OSS note 206985 - VL10: Selection criteria for ordering index VETVG

it has no solution other than telling that you have to do the selection on other criteria.

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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 27 at 12:59 PM

I am not in front of SAP but I believe, transaction VL10D have fields for both the supplying plant and storage location for which, you can create a variant and schedule a job for that variant.

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No, it does not have for issuing sloc. It does have normal SLOC( receiving plant) in material tab. I have checked all the tabs in VL10D