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settlement rule object not updated after material ledger closing for process order

Mar 27 at 09:03 AM


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I create a process order from cor1 for a non-valuated material and I enter a statistic internal order for settlement rule. The internal order has a cost center in its main data.

When I consume some valuated materials to this process order, process order balance is valuated with standart price X quantity of consumed material. Let's say there is 100 euro balance in process order.

After process order confirmation, I perform material ledger closing for materials that I consumed for this process order. But unfortunately neither process order nor cost center which is in stacistical order main data is not updated with the price difference of this consumed material.

How can I update the balance of process order?

When I test the same scenario with "coro" transaction code, I mean by using process order without material, it all works perfectly. Process order is updated with material ledger closing and I can do settlement with this updated values via ko88.

I wonder If I can work with exactly same scenario by using cor1 transaction code and using non valuated material.

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1 Answer

Cansu Akay Apr 11 at 08:19 AM

Hi Sadullah,

When you create a process or production order with non valuated stock, material ledger will not allocate the price differences to upper level. Because, your upper level material cannot be valuated (it is a "non-valuated" stock). Therefore, if you want to allocate the price differences to internal order you have to create a process order without material as you did. But, if you want to see the stock amount in the order then you can enter the non-valuated stock with movement type 531.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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Hi Cansu,

Thank you for your answer, although it is a non-valuated material that I use for goods receipt in process order, since settlement rule is not material in process order - it is an internal order or a cost center - I thought that there may be a chance to update balance of the co object in settlement rule after material ledger closing, just like it happened with process order without material.

In order to track quantity of non-valuated material, using 531 movement type via migo is logical as you suggest.

Best regards,