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restore IQ 16

Mar 26 at 03:46 PM


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Good Day,

Trying to restore a SAP IQ 16 on HP-UX, has any body seen this error message:

marte2_New:/asiq16m# more

isql -Udba -Psql -Sdemo << Eof > restore_full.txt

restore database '/IQ/marte/BD/bci_cons.db'

from '/Bkp_IQ_Marte/DUMPIQFULL/Mrespiq16'



marte2_New:/asiq16m# more restore_full.txt

Catalog restore complete

Msg 21, Level 14, State 0:

SQL Anywhere Error -1009160: There must be at least one readwrite dbspace


-- (slib/s_trycatch.cxx 702)

Thank you



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2 Answers

Kirby Gehman
Mar 26 at 04:07 PM

This looks like it might be a destination device issue.

Is this being restored to a different location than it was backed up from?

Have you checked permissions on all of the devices that will be required to be written to?

Are all of the paths to dbfiles that are in the original database available in exactly the same path on the new host?

Check the output of sp_iqfile of the original server and see if every path is accessible from the destination.

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Jose Torres Mar 27 at 03:28 PM

Thanks a lot Kirby,

Regarding this matter, we realized that before the failure, some dbfiles including temporary ones were setup as "readonly" for a long time, but all the backups were done as "full" without specifying that some dbfiles were readonly.(in the backup command )

Q: is it possible to restore a full db backup even though the dbfiles were setup as readonly ?

Thanks again


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Yes. If you take a FULL backup, it will backup all dbspaces, and the restore will include them all.