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DS 1.6 - Scatter chart highlight zero line

Oct 31, 2016 at 12:57 PM


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Hi Guys,

I have a scatter chart which shows result and margin per project. For the user's best interpretation, I need to highlight the zero line. In additional properties there's a checkbox in most charts, but for scatter there's only a input field which is empty. What values are accepted? I tried everything! I have upgraded to 1.6 sp3 but no new or fixed solution on this.

In the image below the comparisson between bar chart or column chart with the scatter chart setting for highlighting the zero line:

Thanks guys!


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3 Answers

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Daan Boon Nov 14, 2016 at 09:12 AM

I got an answer from SAP:

"I clarified with our developer colleagues regarding this and they informed me that this feature is not supported and that this feature is removed in a later SP of Design Studio 1.6"

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Tammy Powlas
Oct 31, 2016 at 09:30 AM

Have you followed the steps on the SAP Help - page 367

It states:

"Select the Highlight Zero Line when you wish to highlight a line on your chart that displays, for example, data between -10 and 10

Use the Color Picker button to select the required grid line color. Alternatively, the HEX color value can be entered manually in the input field beside the Color Picker button."

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Hi Tammy,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I've followed the steps and read the statement you mention on page 367. But that's excatly my point, because the statement says "Select the highlight zero line..." but for scatter chart there's no "select" option, but only an input field w/o suggestion for what t enter.


Daan - I can see your replies to me but not in other areas; please do not click "Alert Moderator" as Moderators cannot fix this; instead report this as a discussion at using tag "Using SAP"

Did you try to select the zero line in the scatter chart?


I cannot select the zero line in the scatter chart. How can I select it? See images in opening post.


Tammy Powlas
Oct 31, 2016 at 11:12 AM

OK, understood; I can't get seem to get that to work either (I thought I had it).

Would this thread offer an alternative?

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Thanks for that option, but I think in a Scatter chart it is not possible to combine a line chart.

Y-axis is Margin%, while X-axis is Result in EUR. So with a possible extra hidden dummy KF there's no available axis left for a zero line.

Is this a bug or is there any input value to highlight the zero line, which is not mentioned in the SAP documentation? I tried F12 debugging in IE en Chrome but couldn't point it.


It might be worthwhile to submit an incident to SAP Support at and reference this thread; please report back with updates so we can all learn.