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Schedule Crystal Report with dynamic parameter depending on actual date

Mar 28 at 03:55 PM


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Hi, we run BOE 4.2 SP4 Patch6. We provide some hundrets of Crystal Reports (so called Controlling proven Reports) and would like to add an additional Service for our users. We think about giving the users the ability to schedule reports with predefined parameters to make their live easier. So user takes a report and starts scheduling let's say every Monday and he enters his departement and his productarea, So far so good. This will work perfect as long as there is no time related parameter. Unfortunately mostly all reports have a time dependency. I found no way to connect a report parameter called "Periode" with a kind of system variable like "actual period". I have to feed the parameter with a fixed value or duplicate all Reports and change the timeparameters to a formula. If I have to change a fixed value for each report run I don't need scheduling and if I at least have to duplicate the reports for scheduling it means a lot of work as we talk about really complex reports.

Maybe there is a way to easily feed the schedule with predefined dynamic time variables?

Thx in advance, Stephan

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1 Answer

Vitaly Izmaylov
Apr 03 at 05:56 PM

If I understood the question correctly, one of the option is to remove the date parameter completely.

For example: you are scheduling report in May and need bring data for the last 3 months then you do not need to enter the date range as a parameter. Instead modify the records selection formula.

The example above is for classic direct Relational Connection reports. If you are using a Stored Procedure or connection to Queries with date variables, then you can use a Main report as a container to calculate Date range and pass it to subreport parameter as a link.

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