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Need Report to show latest process order confirmation details

Mar 28 at 02:27 PM


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Dear Experts,

we have requirement for Report to show latest Process order confirmation details not all confirmations. we tried with standard transactions COOISPI, COIO and COID but we can't get/fulfill the our requirements.

Please suggest how to meet this requirement.

thanks in advance!


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Hello Sankaran

Usually, the standard report COOISPI is enough to provide all the relevant information for orders.

You can simply use the list CONFIRMATIONS and see all the information about each process order confirmation. You can change the layout to include additional fields that are not displayed by default, or even add your own logic to include additional fields using BAdI WORKORDER_INFOSYSTEM.

Alternatively, you can use the list OBJECT OVERVIEW, where you will be able to have a combined view between different objects. For example, you can see at the same time a list of the confirmations and the automatic goods movements.


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Apr 04 at 07:00 AM

Hello Sankaran

there is no report like this in standard. You might create a own one, by using BAPI BAPI_PROCORDCONF_GETLIST, this BAPI return all confrimations and you can sort / select via the posting / creation date based on your needs.



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