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Transaction usage report in 4.6B


I'm trying to get a transaction usage report of the last 3 months out of 4.6B.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

This information is easier to get to in 4.7, but I can't find it in 4.6B.

Please help.


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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Aug 27, 2008 at 08:57 PM

    How are your getting it in 4.7?

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  • Aug 27, 2008 at 10:01 PM

    Hi there,

    I use 4.6c and I can get it by going to ST03 > Click on the DB server you want to look at, Click on 'single stat records', enter in search criteria and tick. That will give you single stat records...

    From memory you can get a summarised list of Transactions accessed if you click on 'detail analysis menu' then select from the options there. Have a play in a dev system and have a look. (I think it goes performance history > one recent period > previous months > pick a month > click on Transaction profile button.


    Di 😊

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    • Former Member Ashley Kenealy

      Thank you Ashley!

      What you have done in your systems in very admirable - although I know some folks who claim that if you lock down people's access to such an extent that they become inflexible (e.g. cannot start arbitrary reports of their choice)... then it motivates them more to find those loop-holes you refer to which appear from time to time, instead of keeping them blissfully ignorant. I am not one of those folks though, and don't believe in "security in obscurity" because I am sure that someone who enters the system with malice or fraudulent intentions will not care about it either...

      2 "gotchas" with reports are those intended only for background jobs and therefore don't have a transaction code to start them, necessarily. I guess it is not that difficult to create one, and there is also the possibility to debug programs scheduled in SM37 using the job-debugger (JDBG).

      The other is that some standard reports are delivered without a transaction code to start them, or at least none which is obvious. Again, I guess one could easily create a transaction to start the report if there is intention to use it periodically.

      I think much of this new awareness (and legal requirements) came long after the ABAP reporting itself was invented, and this causes some teething problems and a transition phase in the SAP world.

      In very early days, there was nothing to stop a user from running a report... (except the checks in the report itself). Those were "the good old days"... 😊

      Then came SA38 for ABAP reporting purposes and ABAP itself (as it's German acronym hints at) was for customers to create additional reporting outputs... (ha ha ha :-).

      The best (and most consistent) security is still that each program (including function modules, particularly if they are remote enabled and methods) perform the the correct authority-checks which are niether too weak nor too strict, because this mitigates many of the risks when answering the "what if the user can break out of the tcode?" question. This is one of the reasons why I am a big BAPI fan (see transaction BAPI).

      To me it seems that the greater the risk of starting reports is percieved to be, the less confidence in the quality of the programming is hiding behind it. This is true of programs from all name ranges.

      My 2 cents,