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Sales Order alternative item

Mar 27 at 09:20 PM


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Can SAP automatically select a different item, if out of stock or unavailable, for a PGI.

For example,

Take two Finishes goods, FG001 and FG002. only difference is label color. FG002 can be shipped out if FG001 is out of stock.

Can SAP replace the FG001 for FG002 when needing to ship out?

I hope this is the easiet way to explain.

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2 Answers

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Kamlesh Kumar Arya Mar 28 at 03:44 AM


If i understood your requirement that sales order is created using material FG001 and if stock is not available for this material then system should consider material FG002. Is it so ? If yes, You may please explore Material Determination functionality.

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material determination is carried out when you create a sales order, in VA01, but not when you goods issue (PGI) the material.

SAP is still a business software and not an AI which knows from experience that the warehouse workers in this warehouse pick a different material. How do they even know that this material is not needed for another order tomorrow?

They are supposed to pick what is written on the documents, and if that is not there then they have to return the documents with the info that it is not there, so that other people can re-start the process


Hi Sir,

Yes! Material Determination can't be carried out during PGI and that is illogical too.

I too have told the OP that if his requirement is to trigger this in Sales Order then he may explore material determination functionality.

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I appreciate the feed back and answers!

I'm still new to our operations, so I might have been incorrect for when it should select the material. If it can select during the sales order that's fine too, I need to check if our integration can allow that before sales order is in SAP.

Thank you both again.

Jürgen L Mar 27 at 09:26 PM

easy answer: no

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