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function module execution log

Mar 27 at 10:20 AM


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Hi Experts,

Is it possible to provide a list of all executions of function modules and the users who executed those function modules for a particular duration of time?



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1.Users will not be having access to SE37.

2.There are many standard FM's which have authorisation Checks and authorization checks can be implemented even in Custom FMs.

3. There many programs which will be calling many FMs.I don't see any point in having a log for all the FMs.

4. As a starting point,may be you can get the list of Users who has access to SE37.

But still,I am curious what info/decision you are going to derive from that.


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2 Answers

Horst Keller
Mar 27 at 04:25 PM

Coverage Analyzer, TA SCOV?

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Or in production - UPL (aka SCOV-lite)?


Seems,SAP has got everything under trace.

Thanks for sharing the info-Horst/Matt.



You have to switch UPL/SCOV on and run for a while to get useful data. They're not on by default, so there's no chance of getting historical data.

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Hello Horst,

Please guide me the steps to see function module execution log in SAP prod system. IN SCOV I dont find any.


There are blogs and articles about SCOV. And UPL is well documented too. Have you tried searching for documentation?

Phillip Morgan Mar 27 at 03:13 PM


See if this can help: 539978 - Automatic generation of BAPI test data directory

This is a system embedded in some standard BAPIs to record the executions in the test data directory of the BAPI. It is possible to implement the system in custom function modules as well. It is usually used for functions called from remote systems for easier troubleshooting and reproduction of the execution.


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