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Aug 27, 2008 at 08:02 AM

Adding Data to the database for SAP Transactions



I'm new to the whole ABAP. I would like to enquire about adding transaction data in SAP through ABAP but it must be immediate.

I know that one can use a BAPI to add data and can rollback if any problems occur.

But if no BAPI exists how does one write code to add a document to the SAP database but with everything SAP transaction requires like the BAPI. What is the process and how???

So let say I wanted to do FB01 which is SAP FI document and must be immediate. There is a BAPI that exists for it but if there was not one how would I do this???

I know one can also use BDC but that creates a batch and then needs to be executed in SM35, I want a way to add data for two or three SAP transactions, if any problems occur with any of the steps rollback everything else commit everything to the database.

Any simple detail examples (code) that satisfy the above will be greatly appreciated and REWARDED.

Thanks in advance 😉