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What is TO and TR.

Hi experts,

I am new to WM, I want to know what is TO and TR.

1. Say I am having One Purchase Order ( 2items each 10 qty) and i post Goods receipt with respect to PO(GR posted separately for each items).

When i do GR, will TR or TO will be created automatically.

2. what is the difference between creating TO wrt to PO and Inbound Delivery.

3. Similarly for outbound delivery and Shipment document TO will be created automatically?

As said i am new to WM. Please help me will basic understanding.


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3 Answers

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    Aug 27, 2008 at 05:23 AM

    Dear RK,

    Transfer order (TO)

    An instruction to move materials from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex at a specified time.

    A transfer order consists of items that contain the quantity of the material to move and specifies the source and destination storage bins.

    A transfer order can be created based on a customer delivery, a transfer requirement, or a posting change notice.

    Source and destination storage bins can be in different warehouses.

    Transfer requirement (TR)

    A request to transfer materials at a particular time from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex.

    I hope it will clear for you,



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      The difference between TO and TR is TR will be :(Putway Example i am taking)

      TR: Its like IM activity which contains Material, Qty, plant, storage location and Source storage Type and bin details.

      TO: Along with TR details TO will be having Destination storage type and bin details.

      So, to create TO the reference document is TR.

      Hope its useful



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    Sep 04, 2008 at 07:46 AM


    Simply a TR is a requirement for something to be done in WM because there has been a transaction in IM and the TO is actually doing it



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    Sep 02, 2008 at 10:03 AM


    TR : ( Transfer Requirement) TR is a document that serves to plan goods movements using the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

    Purpose of TR :

    To initiate goods movements in WMS

    To initiate material replenishment for production storage bins in the production supply areas using the Production Planning (PP) component

    To call up transfer requirement reports in order to get an overview of all pending goods movements

    TO: ( Transfer Order )

    Document used for executing goods movements with the help of Warehouse Management (WM). Logical, physical goods movements or stock changes can be the basis for a transfer order

    The transfer order contains all the information required to execute the physical transfer of materials into the warehouse, out of the warehouse, or from one storage bin to another storage bin within the warehouse. In addition, it is also used for executing logical stock transfers. Logical transfers of stock occur, for example, when goods are released from inspection and made available for general use. These logical transfers are called posting changes in WM.

    When you confirm a transfer order, you inform the system that it has been processed and that the goods have arrived at the intended destination (see the section on confirming transfer orders). If the planned quantity (target quantity) differs from the actual quantity of stock that is moved, a difference quantity exists. If you confirm a transfer order with a difference, the difference quantity is automatically posted to an interim storage type for differences (see the section on stock differences).

    When Does TR & TO Created :-

    Scenario 1 : Examble GR without Inbound delivery

    PO => MIGO => TR generated automatically => TO created with ref to TR

    Scenario 2 : GR With Inbound Delivery

    PO => Inbound delivery => TO with ref to Inbound delivery

    So if there is no delivery involved TR is created & TO is created always to record the movements of the Materials within the warehouse.

    Hope it is clear now.

    Thanks / Karthik

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