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Aug 26, 2008 at 02:45 PM

MS sqltools 'upgrade to 2005' or database copy' ?



We are upgrading our MS SQL 2000 32 Bit instance to MS SQL2005 64 bit running on Windows server 2003 64 bit, this is running ECC 5.

I have just successfully updated the DEV system with these steps :

Preserved the jobs/users by outputting to script

Detatched the DB

Uninstalled SQL2000 32 bit

Installed SQL 2005 64 bit

Attached the DB

Ran SAP MS SQL Tools using the option 'Upgrade to MSSQL 2005 or higher'

I did this on our DEV system 2 weeks ago without error and SAP/SQL have been running fine without errors, but then I re-read OSS Note 799058 before doing the QA SQL upgrade and it seems to say you should use the 'Database copy' option ? but this is the same the DB I am re-attaching, there is no SID rename and I am upgrading from sql 2000 32 bit to sql 2005 64 bit, so there is no straight upgrade path ?

Does anyone know the difference in the SQLTOOLs options 'Upgrade to MSSQL 2005 or higher' and 'Database copy' ? we have had no problems since upgrading 2 weeks ago, I am just concerned we might hit an issue and what is the option to use doing this on QA as we need a consistant environment.