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SAP CRM - How to read every inbound email content in INTERACTION CENTER

Hi experts,

I've been asked to read the body of every inbound email in CRM Web-UI (for some specific receiver email address) and check some specific value (this is the first time I'm working on this section of SAP-CRM).

I want to know where to intervene. I mean is there any class that gets trigger when there is an inbound email? Or the work-flow is needed to be used? How? Would you please guide me?

appreciate your time and attention in advance

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  • Hi Amir,

    am not aware of CRM systems, but in ECC yes we can read Inbound Mails.

    Firstly we have to main entry in SOIN tcode, where you have to put in the InboundExit class (which you can create thru SE24) where you put your logic to read the email body.

    Secondly you have to have a system user which has valid email-address to which the inbound mail sends as recipient.

    I have read Subject of the inbound mails coming to SAP. So for quick reference search for 'offline approval', you should get it.

    Hope it helps.

    Aditya V

  • Hi Aditya

    thanks for your reply and explanation. Based on your suggestion, I found some blog and I'm working on that.

    Will let you know.


2 Answers

  • Posted on Mar 26, 2018 at 01:50 AM

    Hello Amir,

    It depends on where and how your program are to be executed.

    As you didn't mention it clearly, I assume the Email finally will reach CRM IC INBOX. Or else?

    When an E-Mail comes in, it goes through different layers: from the begging, the Email must reaches SOIN, until finally it can be displayed in CRM WebUI IC INBOX(if it is your expectation).

    There is a KBA 1846041. It doesn't give classes, but it gives some explanation of how an Email is processed in different layers, and gives work-flow.

    Here is also a blog, it mainly talks about the logics in presentation layer to display an Email content:

    If you want to know exactly which is the DB tables containing the Email content, a good way is to make ST12 trace when display the Email content from WebUI. Then find out the DB tables from this ST12 trace.

    Best Regards, Corrine

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    • Hi Corrine,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Yes, the email finally reaches the CRM IC INBOX but displaying an email is not actually my concern at this step. I need to read the content of inbound email for some specific inbound email address, read it's content and create sale order using a custom FM.


  • Posted on Mar 29, 2018 at 01:30 AM

    Hello Amir,

    In CRM IC, there is standard ERMS function. After you make configurations, Incoming emails will trigger processes to create transactions.

    Please refer to SAP portal help:

    the related part is 'Automatic Business Object Creation'.

    Also, this wiki page contains detail information: (How to set up Threading in ERMS), you would be interested in the part of "For unrelated E-Mail which do not contain a tracking ID a new service ticket should get created"

    If you have your own special requirement while creating transactions for an incoming Email, you can also define your own service class to implement your own codes.

    Best Regards, Corrine

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