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problem with Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication


I faced a problem with Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication in HANA/FIORI landscape.

We use FIORI as Front-End server and SAP HANA as Back-End. Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication configured for HANA server.

However, from time to time, when browser tries to load tiles data Hana server ask for login/password.

In SAP Support of me answered:

The SSO mechanisms SAML and SPNEGO both require first a normal request to the web server to pass the authentication and get the logon cookie for SSO. That cookie than must be passed to the following XHR ( request.

So please design your application accordingly.

Who can tell how to install correctly the logon cookie for SSO ?

Example my program on XSJS, where I get data for FIORI tiles.

$.import("YY.lib", "function_tile");

var conn = $.hdb.getConnection();

var sqlstmt;
var rs, rs2;
var str1, str2, str3;
var numberFactor = 3;
var param = {};
var r = {};

var mName = [];
var mValue = [];
var mColor = [];
var mDisplay = [];

var cmd = $.request.parameters.get('cmd');  
var func = $.YY.lib.function_tile;

switch (cmd) {  

    case "on_base":
        sqlstmt = ' SELECT     sum("ON_BASE") AS "ON_BASE",     sum("CAR_TODAY") AS "CAR_TODAY" FROM "_SYS_BIC"."XXX/CV_MM174_NUM_CAR"  ';
        rs = conn.executeQuery(sqlstmt);
        str1 = func.number(+rs[0].ON_BASE);
        str2 = 'За день ' + rs[0].CAR_TODAY;
        str3 = func.numberFuctor(+rs[0].ON_BASE);
        numberFactor = '';
        r = func.new_tile(str1,str2,str3);




Regards, Ivan

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