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Hello I am facing issues with QM set up for ARM flow.

Mar 23 at 12:55 AM


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We have ARM flow.A claim will be created and the corresponding Returns delivery would be performed Post Goods Issue, based on which Credit Memo request will be generated.

But when I include Z01,Z05 (Copy of 01,05 inspection types) in the Material Master, Post Goods Issue is not happening for the Returns delivery and below error message Comes up.

My requirement is to not to the Inpsection Lot generated for the ARM set up. How to overcome this error, while still holding the inspection type Z01 as this is required for inspection lot generation while GR for PO. Any Suggestions to overcome this error?

Thanks for your reply.

Change the inspection stock of material 28-1005-01 in QM only

Message No. QA495


You want to make a stock posting to/from the inspection stock. This is not allowed for material 28-1005-01 because the quality inspection control has been activated by QM.

The following cases can occur:

  • The inspection stock should be increased, although an inspection is not foreseen for the current goods movement
  • The inspection stock should be released, although you can only do this using the QM transactions.
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2 Answers

Albert Molnar
Mar 23 at 07:59 AM

Dear Vijaya M,

thank you for mentioning the movement type.

I found following information, which might help you further:
with Advanced Returns Management the inspection process is handled outside the QM application and without any inspection lot. Transaction MSR_INSPWH is used to record the inspection data and trigger the follow-up activities such as posting to scrap/free. In order to avoid message QA495 during the GR of the returns delivery you could deactivate the QM for movement type 655 at customizing path (transaction QCC0):

>Quality Management
>>Quality Inspection
>>>Inspection Lot Creation
>>>>Inspection for Goods Movements
>>>>>Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type."

I wish you a nice day,


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Former Member

Hello Albert,

Thank you for your answer. I tried deactivating the QM for Movement type 655 and executed again. But it is still giving me the same error.To add on, currently we have not linked the set up either to WM nor eWM. It is inventory managed through Storage location.

For the given material, I have activated Z01, Z05 QM inspection types (similar to that of 01,05). I can successfully post the Delivery only when I deactivate both Z01 and Z05.

But we need Z01 for the PO Goods Receipt.




Hello Vijay,

Kindly deactivate only inspection type Z05.

Also use movement type 653 instead of 655 for customer return.

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Former Member Mar 23 at 03:54 AM

Pl. note that 655 is the Movement type for which the error occurs

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