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Aug 26, 2008 at 06:08 AM

XL reporter - Help with And and OR in Rows



Client is using SAP 2005 SP 1 Patch 23, XL report

Question 1:

I am trying to put in a criteria in Rows in order to retrieve all accounts with Parent ID = 100000 or Parent ID = 20000


All accounts with UDF Inactive = "N".

This is what I try to do:

FACT ACC( (FatherNum="10000" or FatherNum="20000") and Inactive="N")

However, XL reporter does not accept it.

So, instead of giving me all active accounts 10000 or 20000, it becomes

FACT ACC(FatherNum="10000" or FatherNum="20000" and Inactive="N"), and thus the information retrieve is wrong.

Please advise whether there is a workaround.

Question 2

A UDF Inactive has been created for user to identify accouts to be included in XL reporter.

As this UDF is created after accounts are created, the UDF value is null for most accounts.

I need to exclude Accounts with UDF Inactive = "Y", so that if the UDF Inactive is null, the report will still retrieve the account.

Current the report only include accounts with UDF Inactive populated, Y or N.

Please advise whether there is a workaround.

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