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Aug 25, 2008 at 06:12 PM

How to close Sales order


Hi SD Users ,

Requirement 1 : - My client gave a requirement that , once they complete the sales order (means they did the outbound delivery for total quantity and they raised the invoice) and in future if the user opens the sale order the system should not allow the user to make any changes in that sales order , since the total quantity is totally despatched .

So his requirement is that , once they totally process the sales order , it should get block / Grayed out

so is there any setting is there , so that to close or to grayed out sales order fields

Requirement II :- Second requirement from my client is that , they will create invoice on 25.08.2008 and they willl release that to accounting on 29.08.2008 and they will not take any printout on that day , they will take the printout on 02.09.2008 and taken second copy of printout on 08.09.2008

Now they want a report to see , when they created Invoice and when it is been released to accounting and when the first printout is been taken from system (means they want date) and when the second printout is taken from system ...... like that they want report

I know that we develop report with the help of ABAP Consultant , but i want to know is there any sap standard report , where we can see for this invoice user taken this many printouts and on so and so dates

Please give solutions for the above 2 issues , since these above 2 are in high priority now