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Debugging Adobe Livecycle Designer (XML coming from SAP C4C)

Mar 22 at 07:07 AM


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Hi community,

how to debug script in Adobe Livecycle Designer? Dhruvin Mehta how do you debug?

Preferably I think it would be great for testing purpose to insert an XML schema to the XDP file in Livecycle to not every time need to upload and publish the form in C4C. (C4C is my data source, where the XML is coming from...)

Does someone know how to insert a XML schema in Adobe and how to get the current XML schema (including custom fields) out of C4C?

Help is very appreciated!

Thanks and best regards,


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3 Answers

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Diego Kremer
Apr 16 at 11:49 PM

Hello Deborah,

It is possible to get the XML of a BO and use it as data source in ALD for "live" testing while you edit the form.

Some documents in C4C have the tab Output History within them where you can download the XML file that is generated by that BO and sent to the form template, but those where you don't have the Output History tab you can open an incident requesting and we can retrieve and provide for your debugging purposes.

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Hello Diego Kremer,

thanks for your response. Where do I find the tab "Output History"? Can't find it... Do I have to search in the BO or in the form template maintenance?


Diego Kremer any news on that?


Hi Deborah. Sorry for the delay.

The Output tab is available within the BO. e.g. within a Sales Quote document. However not all BO's have this available on the front end of the application, so if you need for a BO that this is not available (e.g. Ticket) you'd need to raise a ticket with support requesting the XML file of a given document to perform your debug.

Dhruvin Mehta Mar 23 at 07:40 AM

You can generate XML from Form Properties , but it wouldnt be exact XML as your BO.

I am not sure if we can download XML from C4C to test purpose! That would be awesome.

And to debug there are few youtube videos on Acrobet reader JS debugging.

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Deborah Albrecht Apr 13 at 03:43 PM

Does anybody from SAP knows if there is for debugging issue the possibility to download the XML of the BO and insert it in ALD?

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