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Aug 25, 2008 at 10:25 AM

BAPI for intracompany asset transfer


Hi all,

because of the tax reform in germany i have to change one of our RFCs. There a second system initiate a scrapping of an asset through BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST. but now i must transfer the values of the asset for some depreciation areas to a pool asset first and then scrap the asset. but i can't find a bapi, doing that. i tried BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANSFER_POST but i got an error message every time i run it with that. maybe my input parameters are not ok, but i don't know why.



ls_DOCUMENTHEADER-PSTNG_DATE = bzdat."sy-datum.

ls_DOCUMENTHEADER-DOC_DATE = bzdat."sy-datum.

ls_DOCUMENTHEADER-HEADER_TXT = 'transfer lva to pool'.

ls_documentheader-compo_acc = 'RAIN'.

lt_transretirementdata-comp_code = COMP_CODE.

lt_transretirementdata-assetmaino = ASSETMAINO.

lt_transretirementdata-assetsubno = ASSETSUBNO.

lt_transretirementdata-valuedate = bzdat.

  • lt_transretirementdata-amount = gt_data-net_tax.

lt_transretirementdata-currency_iso = lv_waers.

lt_transretirementdata-part_comco = COMP_CODE.

lt_transretirementdata-part_asset = lv_pool.

lt_transretirementdata-part_subno = '0000'.

lt_transretirementdata-transvar = lv_transv.

append lt_transretirementdata.

lt_transacquisitiondata-comp_code = COMP_CODE.

lt_transacquisitiondata-assetmaino = lv_pool.

lt_transacquisitiondata-assetsubno = '0000'.

lt_transacquisitiondata-valuedate = bzdat.

lt_transacquisitiondata-currency_iso = lv_waers.

lt_transacquisitiondata-part_comco = COMP_CODE.

lt_transacquisitiondata-part_asset = ASSETMAINO.

lt_transacquisitiondata-part_subno = ASSETSUBNO.

lt_transacquisitiondata-transvar = lv_transv.

append lt_transacquisitiondata.

  • lt_transretareavalues-depr_area = lv_afabe.

  • lt_transretareavalues-amount = c_one_cent.

  • lt_transretareavalues-currency_iso = lv_waers.

clear lt_transretareavalues-propval_ind.

append lt_transretareavalues.



documentheader = ls_documentheader


transretirementdata = lt_transretirementdata

transacquisitiondata = lt_transacquisitiondata

transretareavalues = lt_transretareavalues

return = return1.

i would appreciate every helpful post.

thanks in advance.


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