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What is the "Value Before Object Change" indicator for?

Mar 26 at 02:28 AM


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Hello experts

When creating a workflow, there's this "Value Before Object Change" indicator. I've never used it because I don't know what it's for. Can you give a sample scenario where this can be useful?


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Hi Prasanth/All

Using your example above, can you confirm if it is possible to trigger the workflow if there is any change in the ABC Classification or do you have to specify the ‘Before’ value in the workflow rule as per my example below? In our scenario there may be 50 values available in ABC and we’d like to detect any change made to this field however there are too many values to create a rule for each.

Many Thanks


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Hi Iain

To explain further what Prasanth provided, if you only want to detect if the field (e.g.) ABC Classification changed, then simply create workflow, no need to tick Value Before Object Change.

What the indicator does is it lets you check if ABC Classification changed, and if the value was A-Account (e.g.) before the change.

Let me know if this helps.



Thanks for your response Denamr

Probably just me being dumb here but, with the tick removed, what would the values in the
Compare Operator

fields in yellow below be?

I had tried to figure out the logic here before posting but can’t seem to find anything which meets requirements. For example, was expecting to implement along the lines of

ABC Classification not equal to ABC classification however in this case I must specify a value to test against but I do not know that the new or old values will be to test against.

The below set of options seem to make logical sense to me to test for any change in ABC classification but do not trigger the workflow




Hi Iain

Can you share the specific scenario you want to automate/accomplish via this workflow?


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Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Mar 26 at 06:23 AM

This is to identify change in the value of a specific field compared to its previous value before the business action , so that we can implement workflow based on that field change.

For a simple example , Considering the Account BO , I want to get notified via work flow , if the ABC Classification of a Customer is Changed from A-Account to another one.

So I define my work flow , where , I select the Field as ABC Classification , select Value Before Object Change with Compare Operator: Equal to , with Value as A-Account.
So Whenever any Account changes its ABC classification , I will get notified as per my determinations maintained.

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Hello Prasanth,

I too have the similar requirement where i have to use 'Value Before Object Change Indicator' in Tickets. Here, I have used the Field "Status" and value = In process with the Value Before Object Change Indicator in Workflow.

The workflow is successful, when i change the status from "In Process" to any other value. But also I noticed that, if I change some other field value with the status=In process, at this time also, the workflow is getting triggered. Here, i did not change the value in status field.

For example, let the status of the ticket be "In Process", now i am changing the priority of the ticket to any value. In this case, the given workflow shouldn't be triggered as i didn't change the status field. However, the workflow is getting triggered which should not be the case.

Please advice.


Bharathraj A