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Aug 24, 2008 at 02:33 PM

Automatic posting of prepaids out of project


Hi there,

we have the requirement to post part of the expenses recorded on a project into prepaids at month end depending on the POC of the project (e.g. 25% POC = 75% of all expenses on the project need to go into prepaids). The prepaid posting can be reversed every month and then be re-done again at month end depending on the then relevant POC.

Would anyone have an idea for me how to automate this? I was wondering if the result analysis key can help us here but that seems to always involve some sort of revenue or earnings recognition.

The other option I was thinking of is an enhancement of the automatic settlement rule creation which could settle a portion of the cost depending on the POC to "GL" and the rest to PSG.

Anyone ever had a similar req?