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Oct 30, 2016 at 11:32 PM

Error during MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG DDL source could not be activated


I am using SUM 1.0 SP18 Patch 1 to apply SAP_HR 6.08 and EA_HR 6.08 support packages. Due to SAP_HR 6.08 patch 28, I had to also include upgrading to SAP_UI 7.50. We are on ERP 6.0 EhP7. During the MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG phase, the update stopped with the error "DDL Source ESJI_SALESORDERQUERY could not be activated". After doing some searches and not finding this object mentioned, I chose to repeat the phase. It quickly got past that error and moved on. However, I looked at the file that showed the error in the first place, SAPA-74013INSAPGWFND.<SID> and I still see where that object did not activate successfully.

Is this a bug in the SUM tool, or am I truly okay to proceed? I see that the object mentioned is a view for SAP Jam Integration, which isn't something we are using or plan to use.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should SUM have let me proceed if the object is still in error?