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PI Sheets performance when loading Process order

Mar 22 at 06:10 PM


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I'm trying to open the process order in CO60 (PI Sheets) and its taking around 60 to 70 seconds to load the order first time and then subsiquently when i go back and try another order from the list it takes about 45 to 55 secounds.

We were on AIX/Sybase ECC EhP7 system before and it use to take not more than 3-4 seconds to load the order anytime. We went through a merger and migrated all the data (PI Sheets) to HP+Linux/Oracle ECC EhP8 SP04 system.

All the xsteps configuration are similar. Is there any settings that we might be missing which are related to performance of loading the PI-Sheets (Browser Based) ?

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2 Answers

Caetano Almeida
Mar 23 at 01:45 PM


The first step would be to run a trace in transaction ST12 and try to identify where exactly is the performance issue.



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Former Member

ST12 trace performance analysis shows increased "execution duration" with CL_DB_BUFFER_POC==============CP program when i compared the results from current EhP8 to previous EhP7 system.

ST12 SQL trace summary shows high execution time of SQL on table POC_DB_MESS_REQ




Did you check the details of the SQL statement? How many records are selected from the table and how long takes each record to be selected? Did you already asked your DB person to review this select?

Uwe Dittes
Apr 12 at 12:59 PM


XStep configuration has no impact on the loading time of browser-based PI Sheets in TA CO60. If you load the content of the PI Sheets (<> content of process orders by the way..), the loading time mostly depends on two things: First, most time is spend on loading the domain model data from the back-end (database table content [SQL traceable]). Second it depends on the time that is needed to generate the HTML content (UI elements). This part is influenced by the used (custom) stylesheets (CSS & XSL). These elements should also be checked.

General question: How was the clean-up of the PI Sheet data done before the migration? Did the customer delete/archive the PI Sheets that were completed? Or was it a 1:1 DB content copy? I wouls also recommend to check if the database table indices for the POC_DB* tables are active in the target system. For example the database table POC_DB_MESS_REQ has an index for the DOCID field. If the number of datasets in the POC_DB* tables is quite high, a deactivated index could lead to a significant decrease of performance. Please consider the comments that Caetano already made.

BTW: SAP Note 2435788 also describes general possibilities to improve the performance (loading time etc.) of PI Sheets. There is an improved updated version of the attached document available.

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