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Aug 22, 2008 at 07:45 PM

Inbound IDoc incurs FI/CO interface error: Line item entered several times


We encountered an error in an attempt to post a financial transaction document with multiple line items. The Paid In/Paid Out IDoc 210266 was created in the transaction WPUF as follows:

Customer: 711

Transaction Date: 08/22/2008

Transaction Type: ZPOU (Paid out)

Item __ Acc.assgnt obj. ____ Cost Ctr __ Amount __ Crcy





The IDoc status was 64 (ready to be transferred to application).

Next we ran the interface program RWPOS_PARA_ENQUEUE and saw the message that the IDoc was fully posted. However, when we checked it in WE02, we saw the IDoc had actually failed. In WPER, we saw the error message:

u201CFI/CO Interface: Line items created several times.u201D

We double clicked on the error message to bring up the following diagnosis:

FI/CO interface: Line item entered several times

Message no. RW014


The following document information was transferred several times:

*Reference document "U0000001M8"

*Reference organization ""

*Item number "0000000001" .

System Response

The document information keys must be clear.


This is a system error of the application which was called up.

I drilled down to the SAP code trying to find what condition triggered this error message. The only place where this message is called is in the include program LRWCLF01, inside the subroutine CHECK_ITEMS. It seems that the system doesn't like the repetition of the item numbers in the IDoc. We consulted a functional consultant to see if we should change the second pair of items 1 and 2 in WPUF to 3 and 4. His answer was no.

We would like to get the expert advice from this forum to help us solve this problem. Your time and effort will be appreciated.



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