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Aug 22, 2008 at 10:09 AM

does't delete final row in alv


hi. friends..^^

i want delete row in alv.

I can delete first row and second row ... final - 1 row.(r_param->t_deleted_rows is not initial)

But...I can't delete final row.(r_param->t_deleted_rows is initial)

how to delete final row?

vesion 2004s

METHOD on_alv_delete .

  DATA : ls_row LIKE LINE OF r_param->t_deleted_rows.
  DATA : ls_lecture TYPE REF TO zlecture.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS : <fs_lecture> TYPE zlecture.

  LOOP AT r_param->t_deleted_rows INTO ls_row.
    ls_lecture ?= ls_row-r_value.
    ASSIGN ls_lecture->* TO <fs_lecture>.

    DELETE FROM zregistration WHERE lecture_num = <fs_lecture>-lecture_num
                                AND devide_num  = <fs_lecture>-devide_num.

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