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Unit of Measure for Keyfigure in Lumira Designer SDK

Mar 23 at 10:57 AM


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Dear SAP colleagues,

in Lumira Designer we are using a query with a percentage figure, which is defined as follows in Query Desiger:

In the CROSSTAB "%" is displayed correctly in the Header as a unit of measure:

Now we access the same query in a custom SDK component, in which we consume the datasource as follows:

<property  id="data"  title="Data Selection"  type="ResultSet"  group="DataBinding">  <option name="maxCells" value="10000000"/>  <option name="fillMetadataProperty" value="false"/>  <option name="includeMetadata" value="true"/>  <option name="includeConditionalFormats" value="true"/>  <option name="includeFormattedData" value="true"/>  <option name="includeAttributes" value="true"/>  </Property> 

The JSON that we receive correctly contains the unit of Measure for the quantity keyfigures:

{"key":"DQUFLH2ROED2UIQM2MREH9CIV","text":"Fakturierte Menge","scalingFactor":0,"unitOfMeasure":"ST","formatString":"#.##0,0000\\ \\S\\T;'-'#.##0,0000\\ \\S\\T"}

For the calculated % keyfigure, the unit is empty, though:

{"key":"DQUFLH2ROECB5WEUR3BSETY93","text":"Selektion 2","scalingFactor":0,"formatString":"#.##0,0\\ \\%;'-'#.##0,0\\ \\%"}

Is there any reason for this? To me, it Looks like a bug?

Thanks for your input!


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1 Answer

David Stocker
Mar 26 at 02:23 PM

If you are using includeFormattedData option, then the UoM should come over and it is in the Stück case. You might want to open an OSS message, because that UoM should be coming over.

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