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Aug 22, 2008 at 03:06 AM

How to setup the centralized SLD for registering the all the SAP systems


Hi experts,

I have seen in many documents about the SLD need to maintained as central place for registering all the available SAP systems.

But can any body let me know , how to implement this SLD as centralised or standlone for regestring all the SAP systems.

Because we have portal system ,XI, BI systems . All the systems having portals. By default will come SLD along with the installations.

So , Each every system has own sld installed .So, how do we need to centralized all the systems in single SLD system.


we need to install the seperate sld in different system for regestering all the above systems in this stand alone SLD configured system.

Please suggest the better option. how to implement that option