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Aug 21, 2008 at 09:32 PM

Web Service SDK; Access to SI_AGGREGATE_COUNT?


I am porting some code from .Net Enterprise SDK to the Web Service SDK (given the lack of .Net support in XI 3.0) and cannot see how to get hold of properties...


This code gets a count of InfoObjects in a given folder, it uses a helper function XI_GetObjectSet that runs the query and returns the result but I am looking at how I would get the SI_AGGREGATE_COUNT property and then the SI_ID value using the WS-SDK

Dim QRY As String = "select COUNT(SI_ID) from CI_INFOOBJECTS where SI_KIND='Folder' and SI_PARENTID=" + FolderID.ToString()
Dim ObjList As InfoObjects = XI_GetObjectSet(QRY)
Dim prop As [Property] = ObjList(1).Properties.Item("SI_AGGREGATE_COUNT")
Dim lCount As Long = CType(prop.Properties("SI_ID").Value, Long)

Any ideas if this sort of thing is possible using the WS-SDK?