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Aug 21, 2008 at 01:32 PM

Intermittent errors using FTP-adapter


Hi all!

In our PI 7.00 SP14 environment we have several FTP-adapters running, both sender and receiver. For most of the time they work fine, but now and then the following error message can be found in the communication channel monitoring:

"Error occurred while connecting to the FTP server "myserver:21": Software caused connection abort: recv failed"

This causes an alert to be triggered, which fills up my alert inbox with irrelevant error messages.

I have tried to update/change the FTP-server software without luck, and the FTP-server logs say nothing. Other posts on this forum do not solve my problem.

How do I solve this?

Is it related to the Java installed on the PI-server?

How can I exclude such error messages from alerts (adapter engine alerts cannot be filtered by error message as far as I know)?

Many thanks for your help!