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Former Member
Aug 21, 2008 at 01:25 PM

MI31 Query


Hi all,

When trying to execute MI31 (physical inventory) for the following criteria:


Storage Location

Materials Marked for deletion to be included

Unrestricted-Use only

the outcome is that the "List contains no Data".

I have checked the following:

1) No current PI documents are active for that storage location and plant

2) All prior PI docs have been counted, adjusted and posted

3) There are no batch sessions active for that plant/SL

4) The posting is not taking place within the same Financial Period for materials already counted in that Plant/SL

However, if you tick the "Incl. Matls Subj to Phys. Inv." tickbox, then execute MI31, the system outputs the materials to be counted. It seems as if the system thinks that the materials in question are already subject to physical inventory and will therefore not produce a list when executing.

Also, if you use transaction MI01 (create PI doc manually) for those materials, the PI document is created.

Does anyone know why MI31 is having this problem? What are the possible causes?

Any help or information would be appreciated.

Many thanks,