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Aug 21, 2008 at 12:32 PM

InfoView - Default view latest instance possible?



I have an issue with InfoView, and the opening/viewing of Desktop Intelligence reports.

The report I am talking about is scheduled on a daily basis (each night) so users don't have to refresh it every time they open it.

To view it via InfoView, they have 2 options:

a) The most usual and logical is to press the main hyperlink, the one which shows the name of the report. This is always showing you the report with the data from when you did a last refresh of it (report is set to not refresh data on open). Seemingly totally ignoring the scheduled instances!

b) Users can also open via 'View Latest Instance'. This shows the last result(instance) of the last successful schedule of the report.

This is confusing, since I would of course like the users to view the latest version(instance or whatever) of the report in both scenarios a and b.

Is it possible to make the main hyperlink with the name of the report point to the latest instance of the report also?? Or am I wanting too much here???

Thanks for any help!