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Aug 21, 2008 at 10:48 AM

Prepare Appraisal Docs with Restricted Templates?


there are 3 selections in T-code PHAP_PREPARE_PA -prepare appraisal document

Prepare Appraisal Docs with Template, Appraiser, Appraisee

Prepare Appraisal Docs with Organizational Units

Prepare Appraisal Docs with Restricted Templates - My Question: but actually I can not set any restrictions in the program. where can we setup the restrictions???

on SAP library, you can see descriptions below: ( )


Prepare appraisal documents with restricted templates

This link provides you with the following options:

¡ You can restrict the selection of appraisal templates to include particular employee groups only

If it is known for which employees appraisal documents are to be prepared, you can use an employee attribute such as an employee's Job to restrict the number of appraisal templates offered for selection.

¡ You can restrict the selection of employees depending on the appraisal template.

If it is not known for which employee the appraisal document is to be prepared, the appraisal template is offered first. Input help restricts the employees available for selection to include only those employees who, on account of their employee attributes, can be considered for the appraisal template.