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Profit center issue in VA02

Mar 22 at 03:51 AM


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Hello everyone,

we have a similar issue here, billing is document is created without updating PRCTR in Material master, now the material master is updated with PRCTR.

i somehow managed to update billing document with PRCTR on 21.03.2018,

now when we try to release billing document we are getting error PRCTR X/0000 does not exist for 02.03.2018

Message No KM026

which is nothing but billing date in VF02.

i checked validity for PRCTR its valid till year 9999, also it is active and co code is assigned.

now the solution should be to change the billing date to 22.03.2018 ?

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 22 at 06:28 AM

If you are sure that the validity period of profit center is within the billing date, then, have a look at OSS note 2579556

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Thanks for your prompt reply sir,

but my issue is i did not get error message KM026 when PRCTR is blank in billing document, that time i was getting account assignment missing error message, so i added PRCTR in VA02 with the help of ABAPer.

now i am getting KM026 error message, you think implementing this note still holds good ?

pasting the note here

You create a new sales document item with a profit center that does not exist at the time of creation in the corresponding company code. Error message KM026 appears. Following the change to the profit center to a valid value, error message KM026 incorrectly still appears.

Thanks & Regards,


Nagaraju Rayachoti

Hope so since I am not in front of your system to say confidently. May be you can first replicate this issue in DEV by inserting the profit center in debug mode, try to release it where, the same error you should get. After that, implement the above note and try to release the billing document.

ps:- Till your query is not answered, please don't mark it as "Answered"

Nagaraju Rayachoti Apr 05 at 05:14 AM

Issue is not solved even after implementing OSS note 2579556.

also in other document from same plants, CO Object selected is REO PSG, not sure why only this document is not able to find the account assignment object.

Cost element category is 11

OKB9 is not maintained.

also for the receiving company code XYZ and controlling area CA1 COPA is not active.

for Co code related to plant in PO, both accounting and costing based COPA is active.

any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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